Moving & De-Stashing - Phew. It's A Lot of Work! + Cardstocks

Posted by Cynde Whitlow on

Hey folks!

The Fam and I are underway with a move. Fortunately we don't have to go far, but we do need to downsize. Soooo...soon I will be adding some new goods to the store.

I'm not done going through everything and I'm certainly not done packing (Oy! Does it ever end?), but as soon as I can I will get it up for y'all to check out. By check out, I mean take it off my hands. Please and thanks.



How is it I can can "clean out" my craft stash three years in a row and STILL find things to get rid of....?



ALSO!!! I thought that I had all of the 8.5"x11" cardstocks up on the site. I did not, so if you're interested in MY FAVORITE THINGS Cardstock or SIMON SAYS STAMP Cardstock, they are listed now. 

Until next time.


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