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Hey folks!

Thanks so much for stopping by! It's that time of the year to start cleaning out my crafty space and I want to share the love and offer it to you!

Black Friday sales just came and went, Christmas is almost here. My Crafty Christmas list is probably longer than my kids lists and now I need to figure out where I'm going to put all of it!

I'm sure some of you can relate. Could be you're just starting out and you want to add to your stash? Could be you're one of those folks that lives by the #craftordie motto (hey no judgment here) and you must have all the things!

Whatevs. I may have something you "need".

The Pink Envelope Stash - Home

So lemme give you a lil run down of what this is all about.

As I said, I'm cleaning out my crafty space. I'm a blogger and I collect loads of different things for my blog. While I try to be very careful and only purchase what I will absolutely use, I occasionally will buy things and haven't a clue why, didn't need it, or I'm just done with it.

Time to pull up our serious pants folks and get down to the nitty gritty.

I am selling literally everything I DO NOT need! No matter what I try to tell myself, if I don't need it, it's gotta go. It would impossible to list it all here. Be sure to check out the site. Everything will be listed there. If you would like to be notified when I add something new you can do so by visiting The Pink Envelope Blog and signing up for my newsletter by email. You can find this by scrolling down any page on my blog on the right hand side.

All products are listed in their respective category. Stamps, Dies, Inks, etc. You can find all available products in each category on the left hand side of the page. Look for the PINK (+) Sign and click on it. A drop down list will appear. All BRAND NEW/Unopened products are 20% below retail (what I paid for it) and will feature a stock photo of the product, with full product description.

I will sell some brand new stamps and dies, that are no longer in the original packaging 20% below retail. I will be selling gently used stamps and dies and PRICES WILL VARY. 
Immediately after purchasing stamps and I dies, I dispose of the original packing and store them in Stamp/Die Storage Pockets and label them. All stamps and dies will be sold as such. Many of my stamps and dies have only been used once and in some cases, not at all. For each stamp and die listing, I will have a picture of each one that shows the condition it will be sold in. I will also link to a post/video where I used each item.

Each product is removed from the site once it is sold. This site is run by an online store platform and tracks all orders, inventory and shipping. Since these products were acquired by me for my blog or room, quantities are limited and once they're gone, they're gone. Unless, I purchase more like a crazy craft lady. In which case, I need help not sales. 

All orders $50 and under have a flat rate of $5. Order over $50 ship for $7.00.
All orders will ship with in 3 business days. I will provide a tracking number whenever possible.

All orders are shipped Priority Flat Rate. My shipping fees are well under Flat Rate costs. In other words, I'm losing money on shipping folks. HOWEVER, should your order total less than $5.00 and I can ship it for less than my listed fees, I will refund the difference to you (in the original form of payment) no later than 3 days after the item/s have shipped. See my Refunds, Privacy Policy & Terms of Service PAGE for more information regarding any other refund.

At this time, I can only ship within the United States. In most cases shipping outside of the U.S. is not only not cost effective to me, but wouldn't be beneficial to you should you live outside the U.S. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

The Pink Envelope Stash About/FAQ

I have all of this info and more on the About/FAQ page as well folks. Just like my blog, I firmly believe in full disclosure. You can also help keep the world a happy place by doing your part and reading all my info before you order. 

Thanks again for stopping by and checking out the goods!

Until next time!


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